First ever piece of clothing

Not quite the first ever, I did make some skirts many years ago in my twenties, just copied them from an existing skirt, so kept it simple.  This was my first ever pattern, the fabric wanted to move a lot so know where I went wrong, and did have fun doing it. 
Would like to have another go at a sleeveless top to keep it simple, still looking for a pattern.

I got the fabric from MK market, won't be able to go there for a while though - and that is stressing me out!

crafting and nattering


Nice job Carolyn - I’ve got oodles of patterns x
Carolyn said…
I need sleeveless to keep it simple! Mind you no where near you now, and can't get fabric. I do have some of this left, as had 5 metres for £5 from MK market.