Mini Santa sacks

Following on from the Christmas drawstring bags, I have had fun yesterday making these mini bags.  They have a drawstring too.  I thought they looked cute, can hang them on the tree, although they are a bit bigger than the average decoration!

Charging £4 for them, much preferred making this style.  They are fully lined too, which I find is just as quick as unlined, simple and effective sew.

I basically cut 2 rectangle pieces of fabric, the long side being the top, so folded with one side seam.  Before joining to tops I put a slightly smaller piece of fabric along to top for the drawstring.  Hemmed the 2 ends that will be open part for the drawstring first, folded in half and then set in the centre, along with a hanging hook.

Put rights sides together with the drawstring 'pocket' sandwiched between the 2.  Sew leaving a turning gap on the inside fabric. 

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