Kidney Research and Kidney care

This is a repost...but thought it was worthy to bring to the top :)

Unfortunately my husband has been recently diagnosed with kidney disease, and is now on kidney dialysis at our local renal unit, I have added a link to the top of this page to a just giving page to support kidney research.

I am collecting Stamps; coins;currency and old jewellery -  if you are local, I will come and collect any from you and sort out posting it to them:
This organisation supports people and their families with kidney disease, through various way, including maintaining a full list of dialysis units that patients can book and use on holiday.

Any stamps will do, I will cut them out of the envelopes, or if you do make sure there is a finger width of paper left.

here is some information on the old and foreign currency

"Collect all your old and foreign currency.  In fact, collect everyone’s old and foreign currency, including coins.  Ask your family and friends, your neighbours and even those at work.  The more you can collect the greater the donation.  We welcome all foreign banknotes and coins, no matter how old or what currency they are. We also welcome the old British decimal coins (the heavy ones!). Unfortunately the old British pre-decimal pennies, transportation tokens and gaming tokens do not hold any value for this appeal. There is no need to sort your notes or coins."

Kidney Research is collecting old jewellery:

"We can recycle:

Any jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken and damaged items (like odd earrings, snapped chains or items with missing stones).
Any unwanted banknotes – old and new, UK and foreign banknotes, including all the pre Euro notes that are now worthless to you."