Re-use & Re-purpose - Mini cloches

Did you want to plant out a few vegetable plants in the garden in spring and it is a bit early as the nights are a little cold, you can put a cloche over the top and they should be fine from April onwards - you may even be OK in March too.

You can use this method to over winter some small plants.

Or cover daffodils as soon as their leaves begin to show and you will get a few early flowers that you can pick and bring indoors

I would suggest that you make sure they don;t get too hot during the day.  Leave the lids off as that will give them some air.

There are other plastic containers that will do the job just fine, just see what you are throwing away, just cut a hole for air circulation...and it didn't cost you a penny.

Just search for plastic bottle cloche - here is a little more reading

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