Little gadgets and notions - Clips and Zips


I thought I would share some of the little things that I have bought over the past year that have helped me on my 'sewing  journey', by searching the internet for various things, you don't have to pay loads of money.

The first thing I am going to start with is these little clips, these ones are unbranded and I have compared them with the branded ones and cannot tell the difference, these are loads cheaper and you get a lot - and I can assure you you can never have too many if you have a few projects on the go!

and since then have bought again from the same seller as I have shared some with friends.

I only paid £2.35 for 50 search in amazon for "craft clips quilt" or something like and you can see a lot of sellers out there, they may take a week or 2 to come, my last order was in December and quality was the same.


I love paying with zips - I don't always get it right, but buy a selection of zips and happy to play about with them.  Tend to search around ebay and see what is out there, try searching for zipper as well as zip, using words like 'lot' in there, or '30' or '50' you should be able to get some for around £3.00 around 10p a zip or less, last purchase was from a UK seller Seller-Vision

I recently bought some pretty pink ones here try this search in their shop

Don't forget the craft forum is always available for crafty chat, or any chat really.