Zipped pouch tutorial - front zip

Here is my second little tutorial, it is using a zip like the last one, so you can follow those instructions to get you 'tabbed' zip.  Here are the pics again:

Please refer to this post:

So this time we are setting the zip halfway down the pouch, and the size of the fabric needs to be 2 different lengths.  One needs to be at least 2.5 inches longer,  this depends where you want the zip to be in your pouch.  The zip will be half this amount from the top.  See all the pictures below and you will get the idea.  The pictures on this one are not so good as I used the same fabric as a liner.

You need to set your 2 short pieces together as in the previous tutorial, and then longer pieces.

You can top stitch on the outside now:

Now comes the tricky bit. you need to bring to outside edges together and the lining, skip to next 2 pictures to see what I mean.  

Sew the edges, but leave a gap in the lining, and the iron into the shape you need, this makes it easier:

Open up the zip, sew the other 2 edges (all of them at together), clip the corners

Turn inside out using the gap in the lining.

I was pleased with my zips, perfect for little craft projects like this, see my purchase last year: