Maulden Church Fabric sale

Maulden church had a fabric sale, it included all sorts of fabric, patterns, yarn and haberdashery that had been donated.

It was well organised and very popular, we walked there and arrived at around 10 and it was already busy.  Just didn't realise that so many people sew.

Should have got them all together and we could have started a sewing group!

So this was my little haul, 3 pieces on top are just offcuts, but enough to line a bag or make a tissue pouch.

They were only charging 50p or a £1 for most things, my friend bought a pattern and some fabric.

Then we had a drink and a piece of delicious homebaked cake.

So a pleasant walk, shopping and a cake - what more could you ask for!

Must get back into using mapmywalk, forgot to switch it on until we were half way home!