Little Tote Bag

Something different from me this week, I have got the sewing machine out.  It literally hasn't seen the light of day for 10 years at least, possibly more.

I started out by making a curtain to cover the open shelf in my new craft room, I am awaiting a new pole to complete it - so will take a photo later.  But as I was at the fabric stall I decided to buy a metre of fabric and searched around the internet for inspiration and found this cute mini tote - see on  my pinterest board the yellow one.

The instructions are really easy to follow and it is fully lined so that all the ends are neatly tucked away.

I did also add a little pocket ... just because

.......and have now made another with a bright pink flower this time.

Loved making them and am now looking for similar simple projects like this - anyone got an ideas?

So onto the flower, I bought a Kanzashi flower maker whilst on holiday last summer, and I have finally broken it out of the package - and have to say it really is great.  They are so simple to make and quite addictive - but I nnow need more things to put them on, not so sure brooches are really the way to go? This one was my first attempt, have done a few more now.

This is the actual one I used: