Blackberry Jam

I made this in September last year and have already eaten most of it. I did two batches the second included elderberries :) I don't like lots of pips in jam, I find that as the fruit is cooked down the pip ratio goes up as opposed to eating them fresh, but wasn't fussed about making proper 'jelly'. So wandered around the internet, and after much searching came up with these quantities:

1 kilo of blackberries and 1/2 kilo of windfall apples chopped up whole - that someone had for free down the road and some water...

Made juice by cooking for a while and then I sieved the lot.

It basically made 900mls of juice - read somewhere to go for 75gms of sugar for every 100mls. Boiled it up using the normal jam making process - it wasn't perfectly clear like jelly, but no pips is what I wanted!

I guess I should show some out of the jar.....

I made labels as I intended to give some as gifts - but I have eaten quite a bit so kept it all to myself :)


camcraft said…
Oooh Cannot beat a good 'Homemade Jam' Not a lover of 'pips' either. Did you add any sugar to the recipe? Love the label ..
Carolyn said…
missed out the word sugar - it should have followed the 75gms! Have amended it now :)

Thank you for the kind comments
Anonymous said…
Looks lovely.

I quite like pips, especially in raspberry jam which is my fave.

Lisa xoxo