Jumbo chocolate chip cupcakes

I made these last week but forgot to put them on the blog...

I got a book for Christmas entitled 'Cupcakes' and there are some very pretty cakes inthere. I still can't work out how to get the cakes so straight sided, and not looking like a fairy cake. These ones are made in muffin cases and I used my new silicone trays to do them - so didn't bother with cases.

100g / 3½oz Margerine
100g/ 3½oz caster sugar
2 large Eggs
100g / 3½oz Self raising flour
100g/ 3½oz plain choc chips

A nice simple recipe - you can just throw it all in then add the chips, or work through the ingredients - I find it less messy to add the flour after the first 3 ingredients!

I used a block of chocolate cut up into rough chunks and did milk chocolate as my son prefers it. The chips are so expensive....Woolies has dairy milk for £1 at them moment and it seemed to fit the bill. I also added some cocoa powder - but I am not quite sure how much as I didn't measure it.

The mix makes 8 muffins and cook at 190c/375f/gas 5 for 20/25 minutes - I think mine were cooked after 20 mins.

Don't forget to visit the Cooks Journal - it would be lovely to get some more people sharing cooking tips and recipes. The voting has just started on the chicken, cheese and tomato challenge...see you there.....