Clear out the trash

This week I have been encouraging Owen to clear out his room so that we can get some new furniture that will suit his teenage years! So we have a pile of books and games that are all ready to go to the nearly new sale which is at Maulden in a couple of weeks.

This has lead to Owen rediscovering things he never knew he had!!! One of which was a build your own volcano. This was a kit that you had to make up the mould, pour the clay and then paint it. THEN you make it erupt with baking powder, washing up liquid, vinegar and red paint! I video'd it with my camera - we don't actually have a vid, and then Owen made it into a movie using Movie is the finished result: I hope that you like it - I was dead impressed! (You can move onto the end a bit for the better video.)

This week we have been shopping in Bedford - we went around all of the 'Game' type of stores. Along with a brief visit to Poundland to learn that they are not doing doublesided tape at the moment!!! I also went to Coleman's and even a really brief visit to Stamp Addicts...with a small spend in each!

Then we bought Run, Fat Boy, Run - which we sat and watched it Friday afternoon - it was entertaining. Don't forget to visit the Crafts forum - there are challenges and competitions...and on The Cooks Journal there is a lot of recipe sharing and some challenges, join in and tell us all about your blog


Anonymous said…
Just got a red X on your blog but the link worked fine ... cool piccies & video ... or should I say HOT stuff LOL! Well done Owen.
You're braver than me ... I would've been scared of red paint up the walls LOL!
Carolyn said…
Thanks for the lovely comments - I will show Owen he will be dead chuffed
Rachel said…
Wow - I am impressed with the movie thing too - I am really going to have to get my head round this so let owen know I will be in touch for tips!!!