Windy - well just a little

Today was very, and I mean very, windy. I didn't check the forecast yesterday - so baked as usual, well slightly less as I ran out of ingredients and couldn't be bothered to go and get some more!....The market stalls were blowing about and some didn't even bother to stay.

But us Ampthill Country Market Ladies (and one man) soldiered on....and surprisingly most was sold. I didn't actually help out - I have got a cold today and someone offered to do my stint (thanks Jim).

I did sit in the warm and make some cards and did a few with paper roses on - I have been using these for years and years and yet they are still popular. I have changed the way they look with papers etc. I sat and wrapped them all tonight and didn't take any pics. I used the embossing folder again...the other two have not arrived yet.

So I am surrounded with new toys and didn't really use anything new today apart from a bit of embossing and some dew drops. I will get back to playing at the weekend - I just needed to get some stock up.

It was the book club meeting last night and we have Nigel Slater - Toast...I started reading it last night it is lots of little stories based around food items! Anyone else read it?

I have also unearthed an old cook book that I didn't realise I had - Mcdoougalls finer baking it was printed in 1972 and I have a feeling may have been some kind of promotional thing. My gave me some old cookery books a while back from a neighbour of hers that died, and I guess it must have been one of those. Not many pics in it - but I must give a few of them ago.


Katie said…
Sorry to hear you are feeling undert he weather. It seems to be going around at the moment.
Cazzy said…
I forgot to say, happy belated birthday Carolyn!