Another Week has gone by

I am amazed how time flies - it must be an age thing. I thought I had written recently and clearly I hadn't! So a summary of my week....

Work as usual at the beginning of the week, but now that I am baking for the Country Markets I tried to squeeze a bit of that in as well as visit Susan on Wednesday. She lives in Loughton and the last part of the journey is lovely as it takes you through the edge of Epping Forest and it was a beautiful sunny day, brought back memories of living that way, I used to work for her local council Epping Forest District Coucnil - it was my first ever job :).

The journey beforehand down the A1 brought an incident...a baby (full grown but not yet white) swan landed on the very busy road about 6 cars in front. I could see him coming in to land - although as it was so sunny I couldn't quite make out what it was. We all stopped very quickly - I think there may have been a small dinking incident behind me. He was then just walking along the outside lane. Poor thing, no one knew what to do. I hope he was OK. Paul said there was a report yesterday of 2 on the M6

At Susan's I took a few of my newer stamps along and we had a lovely stamping session. I didn't actually finish anything - but have loads to paint etc now. Susan also showed me the Blonde Moments powders, she used them with a versamark pad and then 'fixed' them with a spray of water after. Very effective on dark card. Had a lovely day.

Thursday I went out for lunch with another friend, wasn't so crafty! But it is nice to be a lady who lunches!

We now have a regular Thursday and Sunday Challenge on the forum, I hope that you have time to join in with some of them. Every entry goes into a draw for a lucky dip prize mid month, and there maybe a few other prizes in between.

Thanks to Tanda stamps for last months prize, and also to Sheliagh from the forum for the donation of two great pads of paper.

I am still picking runner beans and courgettes from the garden - is anyone else - can't believe it.

Finally this card is made with my favourite die cut - Carol gave the die to me ages ago and I just love it. The cards always sell - so I really must get on and make some more. I had made this one a while back - and was looking at things I had done with it in the past. Simple as usual - but hey that is me!


Hazel said…
Love that card, Carolyn. I have that die, but must confess I've hardly used it for lack of inspiration - think I must get it out again and have a play. Glad you had a good time with Susan.
Dollydimps said…
I've nominated you for a "you make me smile" award, because you do! Info on my blog!
SueH said…
Hi carolyn,
After your eventful journey here on Wednesday I assume you had a safe journey home again.

I had fun so thanks for coming to 'play'!
Paula said…
I'm still fetching tomatoes in by the bowlful. All my neighbours have died, so I'm supplying them all from mine.
And considering I don't like them and only stuck them in along with the stuff I wanted to grow - it's a tad ironic LOL