Sunday - rainy Sunday

Well it has rained pretty much the whole day and now at last the sun has come out! So as it was an 'in' day - I have taken the opportunity to make some more cards....I have quite a little pile now that need wrapping up. I will take some photos when the sun comes out. I made this one the other day using the new ribbon in the shop - it seemed to suit the theme very well. it was obviously a hit - as it has been sold already!

Sorry have been a bit of a bad blogger - but nothing much to report really....BUT I have launched a wordsearch competition - here are the details, I hope you like the prize.


Melissa said…
Have entered the wordsearch comp! Fav little keep me occupied task hehe

I love that new ribbon! May have to treat my-self to a bit of a shopping spree *wink*
Anonymous said…
just love the card with a cottage on it's fab