Sunday 29th

Catching up again - things to tell but didn't get round to updating.

Thursday I met Sue and we went to LB Crafts at Olney, I spent the most I have ever in one crafty shop before - she is such a bad influence...I will have to refuse to go shopping with her again teehee. Now if you check out her blog she says she spent the most....BUT I managed to spend another £4 on shrink plastic just as I was going out the door! We then had a lovely lunch at the Courtyard - really had a good time - shopping, lunch and a laugh...ooh and a little bit of planning for the May challenge - so keep watching the forum for that!

I will have to make some cards with my new stamps later.

I have just launched a new rubber stamp challenge make a cut I hope you manage to have a go if you are a rubber stamper. All you need to do is make a cut in your card somewhere - you can get the idea with my two examples.

The latest Create a Card challenge is continuing on the forum if stamping is not your thing.

I added some new ribbons to the shop and have forgotten to take the photos that I missed....but everything is there to buy - when the sun comes out later I will get the photos taken!

Yesterday it was the Ampthill Farmers Market, I offered to do a shift as I have not been on there since January. It was fairly busy - but such a shame that it has had to move due to Waitrose and is now really tucked away. I am sure with a bit of lateral thinking it could be better placed, but lack of support from the powers that be seems to be a problem. There were a lot of plants this week - I guess it is that tome of the year, along with honey, cheese, game, turkey, lamb, pork, caribbean cooking, indian cooking - so worth a wander.

Anyway - I managed to sell 12 cards - so wasn't all bad and gives me a reason to make 12 this week 27 have gone from my stock. I don't have that many at any one time so stocks are looking low again!

I did have play with the robo and made some words for a new home card - I did cut some more and need to make them into cards - still good fun playing.

Finally, I did buy a cheap laminator from Smith this week - after Lisa posted on the forum - and the pouches are excellent value too 75 for £4...not used it yet - biut have plans for some signs and postes.


Melissa said…
well done on selling all those cards this week!!

and come on SPILL how much did u spend on your crafty shopping spree ...... LOL
well you work so hard so why not treat yourself i say ;)