Here is my last effort for the black and white rubber stamping challenge, I hope to launch another soon.

We had a trip out to Ikea this afternoon, din't buy anything amazingly exciting but had a nice time looking around and Owen seemd to think it was OK - especially as they sold Dime bar chocolate there. He was a bit nervous of it to start with as it was foreign food - but as it was mainly choclate he was OK! He was really taken with a washing up brush with a sucker on the end - as if he has ever done any washing up since he got past the age of 6!

We did manage to op into Hobbycraft on the way home, and I have to say I wasn't that impressed they seemed to be selling less and less and the card making section was mighty small. They had 12 X 12 paper racks empty, all a bit odd. I did manage to buy a couple of sheets of paper at half price and also an embossing pad.

We are starting to have a family days out and in - last Saturday we sat and watched Stormbreaker after our day out, and this week we watched me, you and Dupree. Have to say that Stormbreaker wasn't bad - definitely Owen's type of film! Today's film could have been a lot funnier - but it was watchable - if they brought out a sequel I wouldn't buy it!

Well it looks like a few of you have enjoyed the baking session so really pleased and will do another for another day...will have to wait for them to be eaten up!


Anonymous said…
Hmmm, get Owen re-connected to the washing up - fast!! Especially if he likes baking - it's part of the process!! (You may otherwise be laying yourself open to a marvellous chef who leaves a tornado behind him for you to clear up!!)
Carolyn said…
Luckily we have a dishwasher - and not much actually gets washed by hand! ALthough he doesn;t stack that either!