Half Term

Well this week is half term in Bedfordshire, so we have all been at home today and yesterday. Have to say yesterday we didn't go out, Owen occupied himself and Paul and I did a bit of on-line research into the Woodruff family. His Uncles Cousin passed on a copy of the will of Paul's GG grandfather and it kind of started us looking through the census and other records to try and start to construct his family tree.

Paul's Uncle Peter actually played for the England Rugby team in the 1950's - so we already have someone famous in the family. So thought we might stumble across some other amazing stuff, but as yet nothing revealed. It was good fun finding out - but certainly proved more difficult with the dodgy transcriptions of the name!

I did manage to make a couple of cards that are in the vintage theme mode and have dotted them on this post - in case you hadn't realised, and have also got round to using the Denami stamp, isn't it pretty. I will have to make a few more now that I have stamped a few more.

We popped into Bedford this morning and I bought a little pack of paper in Coleman's from the english paper company, not seen this before nice pink paper but as yet not sure what to do with it! I also had a delivery of some more stamps from Pixie dust - so looking forward to having a play with them at the weekend. The final leg of the CJ arrived today - Carol's entitled Friends. It is the biggest I have had to do...and not sure what I am going to do yet.

Owen and I are popping down to Mum's tomorrow for a couple of days now so no time for playing, over the next few days - so will have to make do with reading my books on card making.

I hope you are all enjoying the challenges on the forum, there is a Mother's Day, template, scrapbooking and rubber stamping challenge, along with other projects to join in with.


Rachel said…
gorgeous cards Carolyn. Hope Owen is enjoying half term, and that you and Paul are enjoying finding out about your family history - my mum is really into this - I suppose I should pay more attention when she tells me about it hehe xx