Embroidered Bags

I made these 2 bags this week, It was a remnant that I got last year, enough to make 3 bags, and these are the first twoThese have padding so that they are more robust, one thicker than the other.  Have to say it was a fight with the thicker wadding!

I told a friend I had embroidered them all - she was most impressed...BTW I didn't my embroidery skills are low!

The batik fabric on this ai bought ages ago in a fabric sale at Maulden Church, I always seem to hang onto fabrics that I am so 'pleased' with, but it must be used...I can't admire it all.

This one has a different lining, again fabric that I bought a while back in Florida - these colours seem to go so well.

Zipped & a slip pocket included.  Had fun!

On a separate note I did manage to buy some fabric this week on the internet, as I have not been fabric shopping since March....they are all 'canvas' type fabric.