12 weeks of lockdown

We have now been in lockdown for 12 weeks, and we really are not planning to change much at the moment.  We have no need to go out, so will continue shielding.  
So here is a quick summary around of the week, still working in the garden!

I have seen a few friends in real life now, they have sat at a safe distance in the garden, but still relying on my video coffees with friends - this week was quite busy really.

Tuesday was a lovely day, weather was great, I won £100 on the premium bonds and had lost a pound in weight too.  So it was a celebratory US style breakfast in the sunshine for me.

A friend popped around and sat in the garden too.

The peony from Poundland planted about 6 years ago has just started flowering, I thought it had long gone until spotted it last year, the flowers are so scented, what's not to like about a plant with a scent.

I got these 2 old chairs from FB with broken seats, really need more plants, especially hanging one, and also hessian to make the planting, so neither available - so buckets it is.  Once plants have grown a bit hoping that they will brighten up front of shed.

Was going to paint, but only have cream, green, white, a little bit of red....undecided,  can easily still do as buckets can be taken out.

If I can manage to get some hanging plants will swap them out, the buckets have meant I can plant more in.

Today was cloudy but very little rain, here are more upcycled/quirky items, this is a sunny in the morning

and here is the pink rose covered in blooms, that started off my post.  at this rate will be nothing left in the summer.

I have 2 mirrors now to paint (my Tuesday friend brought them around), one will go in the dark corner under the tree.  

Oh and finally I sold a few bags, so can start sewing a few more now, as I have plenty of fabric.