VEDay - 75 year anniversary

A different day to the one the nation had planned, I decided to make some bunting a mix of fabric and paper, as I have no red fabric.  Then used the Country Market bunting!
We were planning to do something at Country Matters Hexton and had plans to decorate the shop....

My parents were both around in the war - Dad was in the Navy and on VE Day he was in Holland, and my Mum left work early and celebrated with a friend and went to Hyde Park - she worked in Solicitors office in Bond Street, and apparently never came home and spent the night on a park bench.  Wonder what my Nan thought, guess she didn't text her!

This week continuing in the lockdown gardening project, on Tuesday I cleared the ivy from the corner and painted the fence as my paint was finally delivered, and could restart my fence painting. 

Then yesterday I picked up these little fences from round the corner that someone was getting rid of, so soon had them painted and installed.

So now my messy corner is looking much tidier.  Was so excited, with this lockdown all of these little things make it seem like Christmas.

A friend popped some Earl Grey tea bags round so that i could make a tea loaf, if it looks OK I will post some pictures tomorrow!

so something crossed of the list!
  • put lots of plants in
  • plant up veg plots - all seeds sown and plants ready - just waiting for frosts to be gone
  • finish painting fence (paint being delivered tomorrow)
  • tidy up that top corner
  • finish painting arbour (roof and seat done)
  • give shed another coat of Sadolin (just collected more paint)
  • paint table
  • paint footstool again
  • get a mirror (I think it will be nice) - maybe 2 in both seating areas
  • finish slabs by waterbutt
  • DO THE FRONT GARDEN (this is a mess...stressing me out just thinking about it
  • top border - remove ivy and generally tidy
  • weed top left hand corner, and cover with bark
I actually tidied a lot of the front garden, so it is sort of crossed of for now, I think I need to get someone to take a couple of the conifers down, as they are just too big, and one is super prickly. 

But....I have decided to do some edging on the top border new on the list.  Already starting to collect some more bricks from out the back.  Not sure I will get enough.