Top border

Today I have almost completed adding bricks along the edge of the top border, this is a strange border as you can see it slopes, and the soil is fine.  It also gets the debris from the trees above and a lot of sun, I often lose plants along here, but those left seem to be doing OK - along with the ivy and the other weeds.  It certainly give me a line to stick to and a guide for pruning.

This is a dark corner - not helped by the fact I planted the tree there many years ago, not sure why I did that - but it is a nice tree!

Think I will cover it with bark when I can next get a sack.

So the top of the garden that is always neglected is looking a whole lot smarter.

and then I painted this fence - and it is staying at one coat now, as the clematis is looking lovely and I don't want to break it.  Yup it is patchy!

The grey makes the flowers standout, manhandled some of the other plants so they need to recover a bit!

I have not been up to much else, too nice to sit indoors sewing - but I do have on my to do list to make a lemon cake, as a friend gave me a huge homegrown lemon.