Mug Mats or Mug Rugs

I have so many scraps of fabric, and I never seem to throw them away, they get put in a box and there they stay!  So rainy day Friday I decided I need to do something abut this - but had no idea what I could do. 
I searched around the internet and found instructions to make mug mats (or also called a mug rug) - this one was stitched onto wadding so really quick and easy.

I just can't find the link again grrr even going back over my search history, the one with the mug on was her design.

 I then played about with various maths and did the second one.  You could go onto quilt them as well once stitched, but I didn't - lack of decision really.

I backed with a piece of fabric 2 inches bigger than the finished patchwork piece, I actually stitched the 2 longs sides together rights sides together and then folded 2 short sides in.  I cut out some of the bulk in the corners and folded in to make a mitre, then stitched all the way around.

I reckon I could still do some simple quilting at this stage, maybe I will give it a go.

The garden is continuing with an excess amount of attention this year, and many seeds have been planted as I have been going through loads of old packets that my Dad gave me last summer....many years out of date.  He used to get a regular garden magazine with free seeds, and kept them all.

I have now taken out a sub for Garden Answers with Tesco vouchers - and free seeds with every issue.....