Seeds & plants have arrived

This was yesterday - 40 bedding Begonia plugs arrived and within 30 mins - we had them all potted on.

My delivery of seeds from D T Brown also arrived, and then the runner beans seeds have arrived today - which I had ordered later.

These are all seeds in that I have planted in my old small propagator below, today the french beans have all come up, did put more in a pot than recommended as was certain they wouldn't come up! 

Will take a new picture tomorrow.

My old patio table that was destined for the bin really as it is a bit rickety is now my potting table at the top of the garden. and Dad gave me the potting on trug that must have been a free gift with gardening news back in the day!

Friday 13th was the last time I entered a shop, since then we have been 'isolating' due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), tomorrow will mark the completion of the 4th week.  As soon as I saw the news unfolding - it seemed obvious that there was going to be some kind of lockdown so thought I should get the 'old' veg plots going again, as could be harvesting before I get out! 

The big plan before CV was to get out and about more this year, especially before we leave Europe, as health insurance and dialysis would be too expensive to consider, so thought I would leave the garden and not have to worry about getting people to major U turn as you can see.