Garden - more tidying

Been working on a patchwork hardstanding at the rear of the shed, we can't see this from the house, and is now my compost and various paraphernalia storage area.  It was difficult to mow, as the water butt was sticking out.  So need to square it off.

Please note I do have more compost at the moment as wasn't sure if I would be able to get any more"  So this above was stage one as I was given the pavior bricks from a lovely local resident.  Then a few days later I was offered some 4 paving slabs - from another great person.  FB groups are great for this, I often use Freecycle and Freegle but wanted to keep things as local as possible.

Some of the bricks I put in my trolley and walked them home - that was hard work!

I have now added the 4 pavings slabs here - need to cut in final one but ran out of energy.  I am just laying directly onto the earth for now as don't really have many other is fine, and solving my mowing problem for this season at least.  How lovely is the choisya, and scented too, it is now tucked away and I can't see it from the house any more due to the new shed, and a bit big to move now.  Fence needs painting too...awaiting a delivery...hopefully soon.

I was given the other bricks you can see the pile in the top picture, and I have now laid them all around this flower bed, so that I can strim the edge now, so hopefully it will last for a few years.

Wish I could nip out and buy a couple of new plants to pop in, but will just fill with some annuals that I currently am raising from seed and plug plants, this year.