Flowers and salad

Our first day of isolation for Coronavirus started on 13th March, we have now completed 6 weeks....we have many, many more.  Today decided to have a positive day and started the day with my now regular weekly weigh in.  As I had not gained weight I decided to start the day with American pancakes.  

For lunch I had scallop and prawn salad, still felt like holiday, with such beautiful sunshine.

I picked some choisya, as the bush is absolutely covered in flowers now, and it is completely tucked behind the shed now that we have replaced it for a bigger model.  

I had a lovely chat this morning with a friend via video, been a busy video socialising week....2 on Tuesday, one on Wednesday and 2 friends on Thursday.  Probably more than I would have chatted if I was out and about!

I then returned to a little more gardening this afternoon.