Craft community

I have a craft community on my website (a forum), it started back in 2002 and the concept was fairly  'new' to the internet.  There were no crafting ones in existence at the time, although many followed.

Sadly they have fallen out of favour, and I have wandered around and seen many have gone or are unused like my own.

It has got me thinking I wonder why?  Lots went to Facebook, and now I think Instagram, whilst I am on both they are not a 'forum'.

Here are my thoughts - would love to hear yours, and where you find crafting communities.
I have joined groups on facebook and found:

  • I have never made a 'friend' on facebook - it seems faceless, I have friends (and relatives) on there, but they have all been made elsewhere.
  • some people rude
  • some are far too busy and it is impossible to be selective in what you see
  • I just can't find what I am looking for 
  • it is here today gone tomorrow

All of these are on available forum
  • we had very few rude people, and they were dealt with swiftly
  • I quickly made friends and we had some great groups
  • it was busy, but you could visit the your favourite section, especially if limited on time
  • the search was good, and you could find the help you needed, or just ask again, and someone would provide a link or the information
  • the chit chat was 'pruned' but all the advice stayed for years
  • we used to run swaps
  • shared purchases
  • share techniques & tutorials
  • had birthday club to send birthday cards
  • the run up Christmas was lovely
  • we had some absolutely fantastic members that gave loads of time in running challenges
I am struggling to find somewhere that has this type of community spirit. or ease of use.

It wasn't always perfect, but generally it was very good fun, and it was great to go and have a natter with other crafters. 

I am hoping it maybe what comes around goes around, and there will be vibrant places once again, more people seem to be crafting.