My shed - re-use

Painted hinges!

We made a decision to convert our garage to a room earlier on in the year, since then we have put that decision on hold due to my husbands health problems, and are waiting to see what we need in the future.  But we had already got a new shed so that we could clear the garage, which had ended up to be quite a dumping ground.

The garage is almost clear now, and I used Freecycle and Freegle extensively, and have to say it has been nice to have a clear out.  Everything that has gone in the shed has been sorted and labelled.

I was a bit concerned that it would get too cold and damp in the shed, so after looking around I decided it would be easier to fill the gaps with insulating boards/thick polystyrene.

So this time I collected items from Freegle - and got a lot of polystryrene boards that were 5cm thick, then I managed to get some insulating boards from Freecycle, and then also from a skip down the road!  This is what I did...

I bought a roll of foil bubble to do the roof, and I also put some of this behind the thinner boards.  I think I could have done the whole shed in bubble, but at the time I wasn't sure I would like the look of it.  BUT

I then went to our local charity shop and spotted these curtains....and decided i would line the wall with them....

I have since been back and found some plain curtains to do each end, and had some hardboard that has been the garage for years that fitted nicely under the window.  So all in all the shed in looking very smart and lined, so I hope I should be able to keep some of the worst cold and damp away.  Still thinking about the doors and what to do.

This was the polystyrene from Freegle

The old shed is also on its way to a new home.....