I saw these pieces of fabric and just loved the design, there were 6 pieces, 4 of them are embroidered.  I assume they were out of a curtain sample book, as they were similar designs in different colour way. 

So I ploughed on and made them all into similar bags, with a the same stripy canvas type of fabric on the back.  Also used the striped canvas for the front pockets.

The plainer fabric sports a zipped pocket on the outside...those lacy zips again, and I left the top unstitched, so a pocket there too.

They all have pockets inside, and also slip pockets.

I had it in my mind that they would be simple totes/shoppers, but realised that the pieces were just a bit too small.  So I added wadding to make the bags more 'substantial' and also some interfacing and a magnetic closure, so now are large handbags.

I enjoyed the challenge, I like to try and make some different things.


Adele said…
They look lovely Carolyn. Well done. x