Couch Caddy

I decided I wanted something I could just pop over the arm of the settee when I am sewing in the evening, save losing scissors and dropping pins and needles.  I then spent an afternoon over Christmas period making this... I included a piece of felt to slip a needle in, pincushion, somewhere to pop a reel of cotton under.  Place for scissors etc.  Should really fill it and then take a picture.


The other half said he wanted one for the remote controls (well I wouldn't be allowed them would I), So got to work on one while the inspiration was still there, we chose some more 'manly' fabric on my recent trip around fabric shops on my birthday.  I cut the fabric in half so that the clocks were the right way up on either side, added a top that you could slip something under, and not notice the join.  Apparently there should have been one big pocket as well for tablet.  So guess I could have added something to slip in the side...too late now...I did ask and it was not specified!

The clock fabric was from Bee Crafty the linen look was from MK market.  Bias binding was from Ebay  

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