Manatee Botanical Gardens - Bradenton, Florida

We went out and about in Florida this year, not too far, but managed to discover some pretty places, that were only a short drive away, and as we seem to go when Florida is at its hottest...I know we could go some other time....but hey ho!

We went to the Robonsin preserve first, but it is really open ie no shady trees, we decided we didn't fancy going too far, so we went across the road to the
Palma Sola Botanical Gardens

These gardens exist as it was the 'parks dept' nursery before it outgrew the site.  It is only small but lovely and relaxing, lots of shady trees to wander around, and lots of seats just to sit and watch the wildlife.  It has 3 ponds and a garden dedicated to exotic fruit trees.  You won't spend hours and hours, but it is a free entry.

This was a really relaxing swing seat, nice and shady.

Jack Fruit

The dry garden

The turtles are used to being fed, so when they hear voices they swim up!