Fabric in Florida

First day at Hancocks
I have just had a 2 week holiday in Florida, was lovely and relaxing, and I will share some of the places that we visited in a post later.

I did mange to shop little and often, Hancocks fabric are going out of business and had massive discounts, sadly lots had already gone :(  But managed to find some things that will be suitable for something, minimum was 2 yards for each one...so probably bought more than I really needed.

And then of course HobbyLobby and Joanns had discounts on lots of fabric too.

HobbyLobby had just got some of this in, couldn't resist the glitter and the French theme

These were both from Hancocks and am hoping to make some wine gift bags from them, bought some co-ordinating plain and gingham fabric to make it go further - not quite decided how yet!

I took some photos of the fabric as I bought them and then when I got home I have folded and packed them all neatly into a box :)  Now all I need to do is find some time to make some things!

I need to show you the cute cat fabric I bought...will take a pic another day!

I did also manage to find some stamps to buy - but more of that another day!