Beaded jeans

My friend at work arrived with a pretty pair of jeans that she had stuffed in the charity bag and then realised that they were denim, so dragged them out washed them and brought them in for me....

I should have taken a 'before picture', they were mainly decorated on side seams of the legs, so threw me how I could get them into a bag with some pockets.  This one was the bottom of the leg, I left the hem as the top of the bag and I cut out the back pocket and attached.

Then I was left with the middle of the leg with the beads and stitching, and the top of one side.  I added a bit extra to the side of the jeans to make it a wider bag.

With the middle of the leg I added a contrast pocket, from a pair of jeans I acquired through freecycle that had a hole next to the pocket.

The fabric was one that I had purchased in Florida, I knew I had these bags to finish and didn't have any with a purple/lilac colour.

Great challenge to work out how to get the best out of them!  the rest of the fabric was plain so used it to make the straps.


cieran said…
there really nice

PaperPuff said…
Really cute! Good use of old jeans.