I must admit to be a fair weather gardener, I don't seem to get motivated in the garden until things are starting to grow, and then I realise that I should have cut some things down earlier. :)

So this weekend I have been busy in the garden I tackled one of the veggie gardens, I think I may not grow as much this year, I will see how things turn out.

I managed to get this one sorted out quickly, so ready for lettuce plants, toms and a couple of courgettes.  I have grown the courgettes from seed but the rest I will get from the Country Market stall on Thursday.  As you can see the other is full of forget me nots and I will sort that one out next weekend.  They soon lift up and they seem to have kept the other weeds at bay :)  I do find them much easier to sort out since I have had them raised slightly and have a neat edge to them.

Last year I cut this Deutzia – rosea Carminea down by a third, have not given it much love in the last few years, and a big haircut has rewarded me with a spectacular show this year.

Sadly it will only last for a few weeks, but lovely this time of the year when there is not much else in the garden.

This is looking lovely this year it is Choisya - aztec pearl, I even cut some and put in a vase :)
And this little Phlox is looking lovely in the sunshine