Tissue Pouches

A friend of mine used to to lots of sewing for the Ampthill country Market stall, but she has now retired to Cornwall, so I told her about my new obsession of sewing and she suggested that I made some tissue pouches as they were always popular on the market.

So I set to work on how to make one - have to say I did have one of hers to start with.

But I am a 'logical' template type of person - so I had to get a template drawn up on a piece of card!

I decided to have a go at a top opening one as well, I have loads of the pink flower fabric so played with that and had a few failed attempts - I also discovered that there are slight differences in each make of tissues. 

Have stuck to Kleenex from Poundland!

So I have 2 designs of each of the openings.  First the one with the bias binding is a simple one piece of fabric about 6 X 5.5 inches, Edge with bias on the 5 inch sides and then sew along the 6 inch side, with binding in the middle.  I use my template for stitching lines and centre lines, then trim with pinking shears so they are not too bulky.

Tuck in the corners once tissues inserted.

Will come back to the to other ones another day.