New sewing machine

I needed to take the car to Clapham Renault dealers, and had an hour or so to loose so asked them to give me a lift to Tudor Rose at Oakley to have a mooch around, I clearly didn't need any fabric as just bought some....and stumbled across at the back their sewing machine area.

I have to say I had already been researching a new machine as I had just been given some money for 25 years service in Local Government (exciting for me as you don't ever get given bonuses etc) and thought this would be a nice thing to get.

The model I had decided was the one for me the night before on the internet was there :) same price with the same offer of a free quilting set - this includes a top feed dog and an extension table  Can't see the set on the Janome site, but this is it on another site quilting set.

Here are all the things with the machine - the items in the bag are the extras the rest are all as standard with the machine.

They have to order it - but it came the next day, so I popped over there yesterday, and coincidentally my friend was in the area from Cornwall so we went there and had lunch and picked it up :)