Years ago Owen had a kit for Christmas to make a birdhouse.  It has been in the garden for years,  and it suddenly fell off the fence.  Sadly it has never been a home for anyone.

I realised that it needed some tlc, so as I have a big tin of the green and cream that I painted the garden furniture last year to match the arbour, I set to work to making it a smart des res for the birds.  So here it is, do you reckon, the birds might like it now.

I have put it in a different place in the garden now, it is just beside the arbour, this is last years picture just before I planted up the flower bed, need to take another pic when the sun comes out!.


SueF said…
Surprised it wasn't used before - bird 'bunkbeds' look like a fab idea!

It looks ever so smart now

Adele said…
Jealous of your lovely garden, and of your little bird house. Amelia made one....and painted it bright red, white and blue!!!! LOL
Kath said…
It's a lovely idea to match the paint. It all looks lovely.
Kath said…
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