Photos again

As the photos are proving popular, I went through some of the picture I took last year and made a few different ones, ready for the market this week.

Jersey cows in Maulden, these are just so nice and so nosy when you walk past them in the fields across the road. And I think they are quite naughty and seem to escape into nearby fields!

I took this one in Maulden last year and had not done anything with it before, the little thatched cottage has been renovated recently along with the surrounding garden, keeping the card simple - so suitable for a man maybe?

I used the Kings wood bluebell picture to do this one again, I know this one has been used a lot before but it is a lovely picture, looking forward to walking back there in a few weeks time to see the bluebells again:

and this one is from an old postcard that I thought would be interesting to add to a card:

and this one is a friends garden - that I thought was really attractive, but the picture o the card is not so good - sorry. My friend sent it to her Mum :)


Paula Knall said…
Hi Carolyn - Loving your stuff! I'm just 'down the road' in Bucks! Have liked your FB page too. Will follow your blog - check out my site for Stampin' Up! Scrappbooker and cardmakers heaven! xxxx