Crochet bracelets

I thought I would share some of my makes...

I have really got into playing with crochet and found a couple of fab blogs that have patterns for bracelets with beads:

Firstly, Mrs Micawbers Recipe for Happiness
So here are some bracelets I made, I have since made a few more. They are made using 4ply cotton (a bargain in John Lewis, I asked if she had any odd balls and the lady brought a box out from the store room - all marked down from £5.20 to £1.50 - so will pop back)

and secondly (this was the pattern that got me started) - see post from May

Future girl

These are more of the same like the first one I did - made by the pool in Jamaica :) Using crochet cotton - same size beads so they move a lot more as the cotton is much thinner. I bought the pink beads just before I left and on the web site they were much pinker, so mixed them with the blue as I didn't have as many of those: