I saw this link on one of the crochet sites, and just knew I had to give it a go.

I have the crocheted cotton from long ago, but didn't have any suitable beads. I managed to get some when I went to the NEC recently, and so finally got around to finishing it this morning, as I was off out to lunch with Sue and Clare, and it matched the top I was wearing!

I did need to make it a few more rows longer than the pattern - not sure if it is because I have large wrists or tight crocheter...I assumed the second reason....

We met up in Baldock for coffee wandered to Scrap Revolution and Wool n Things, then went back to the coffee shop for lunch. It was sunny enough to sit outside :)


Sue said…
look MUCH better IRL
Carolyn said…
Thank you :)
camcraft said…
Gorgeous :-)
Great to hear you had a fab. time together also :-)