Lemon Cake - take two

This is a slightly different recipe to my previous one - no idea if it would work just as well. But this one I decided to bake in a square tin which is around 18cm/ just under 8 inches square. I then cut it into 4 portions to sell on the market - I reckon each portion is enough for up to 4 slices depending how big you like them!

4oz 125g butter or narg
6oz 175g sugar
2 large eggs
6oz 175g self raising flour
2 lemon (I reckon 1 big lemon would be enough)
sugar approx 2 ozs

Oven is at 180c 350f gas 4

cream together the fat and sugar, add the egg and beat. Add the grated rind of one of the lemons, and also the juice of the lemon (or half if large lemon). Fold in the flour. Bake for 30 mins.

Now there are several ways to finish this. You can melt the sugar and lemon juice and poour over the cake whilst warm. You can mix the juice of the lemon with the sugar and pout on the cake whilst warm. You can add lemon rind to the mix too.