Hair clips

I have been making crocheted flowers, and decided that they could be used as hairclips - hairclips seem to be 'in' at the moment. So yesterday I spotted the clips in Poundland and thought I would give them a go. You get 30 and are several colours. You can also get plain silver, gold or black.

I wasn't quite sure how to attach so I blobbed some glue on first and then used the ends to sew them. I have made some brooches too - and will put up some pics later.

I love this yarn - it is so pretty, it is the end of a spool designed for knitting machines, and cost me £1 and I have loads and loads. I must pop back to the shop to see if they get any more.

I actually cropped this photo in Picasa as I was looking how to do it for someone on the forum and added a watermark too! It was quite easy to use. I also found out that it will scan every photo on the PC and find every face so that I can name them - like you do on FB and Friend Reunited etc - once you start putting names to faces it will start searching through and come up with suggestions - not always right - but often is!