Tea cosy - crocheted

I have made a few of these using double wool and a 4.5mm crochet hook. The fluffy wool makes it a bit different and is dead easy, rather than having to make a pom pom or something else. Unfortunately it looks like the fluffy wool is not made any more so I won't be making too many :( I was lucky enough to get an odd ball on the charity stall in Ampthill for 50p last week, so that should some in handy.

I basically started from the top, and then split it in two once I reached the handle and spout and worked on one side, then went back and finished the other side. I joined both halves together with a couple more rows of crochet, and just added a few chain before attaching to make it a bit wider.

2 friends gave them for Christmas presents, so I have made another couple - but not really sure if there are too many people into tea pots and tea cosies these days.

My friend took me out for afternoon tea at the Inn at Woburn recently for my birthday, and I notice that they could have done with tea cosies as by the time we were onto our second cup it was going cold.


Sue said…
these are really lovely