I am back

Back from where....well actually nowhere I just have been posting on the forum and doing other things!  So how is life with you guys out there?  I never actually know what to put on a blog....I tend to use the web site for posting all of my creations on there, but never sure if the same people visit.  So once again I thought I would try to remember to post here too!

So on the forum we have started a new section "Time to Create" - everyone wants to 'challenge you' but I thought it would be nice just to craft and share creations.  Hopefully we will come up with some themes to give us a start on what to share, and maybe with a few other items thrown in.  We will put up a new one probably fortnightly, but again no strict rules - just time to have fun and get inspired.

SO to start with I have chosen lilac as a theme - this must be the main focus (can be more purples etc if necessary).  I started with one card and have now made another to share.
It would be lovely for anyone taking time out to create with us...follow the links to the forum and join in.


maddy hill said…
lovely cards , carolyn the first is very beautiful and elegant !

Calv said…
This reminds me of those drawings of the lady on Titanic, i love the vintage yet. Black lace is something i've not experimented with yet, must get some. This looks fab Carolyn.