Digi images

So do you like digi images? I have only recently started using them, I do find sometimes that the ink will run if I get the images too wet, especially if the image has quite a lot of printing.  I stumbled across this blog recently that has links to lots of free images.  Particularly useful if you have not tried before....

..some of them are just not for me - there is a wide variety out there.  What I have found is the ones that I do like when I go to save them there is rarely anything in the filename to indicate who it was from - so I have been changing the names as I save them, so that I can revisit their blog/shop/site and see all of their images.  I have only realised that I should have done the same with all the free downloads that are available on the site - so I will have to gradually get around to changing them!

Some do seem to have strict copyright notices, but others are happy to share freely.  I am not sure how you keep track of a copyright notice once you have saved the image - and as there are loads to choose from - I have decided to steer clear of any that won't allow me to publish or sell my cards, that way I can't make mistakes.

Here is the site:

And the card here is a bear from wendymade check out her blog and download him for yourself.  He can be made into any size you fancy...I just chose him to be small and cute


maddy hill said…
Carolyn he and the card are gorgeous ! the colours are perfect and i love the paper too and the criss cross string .. really really lovely ..
maddy x
Vince B said…
What a great card Carolyn, the little bear is sweet too.
Thank you for all the links.
Vince X