OK - I am not sure why - but I have joined twitter - I feel left out so thought I should give it a go...have now installed TweetDeck, but no idea if I can keep it up!

I am CBCarolyn on there...maybe I will see you there.

Lovely to see the entries coming in for the Wordsearch - it is nice that people read the newsletter and join in, makes it all worthwhile. I must get downloading Kanga's card kit too.

The newsletter is here in case you have missed it.


julietk said…
LOL I joined twitter too at the request of my sister in law, but if asked the question "what are you doing?" most of the time I am doing chores or crafting :-) very interesting :-} Juliet
Suzanne Vaughan said…
I'm on Twitter too - feel free to add me and I'll then do the same - Chickadee cards. THanks for your comment on my blog.