Coconut Ice

I made some more coconut ice as promised for my Mum, and used another empty jar (the Syrup in Tesco's comes in these and they are a nice size for filling0. Mum was really pleased, she also had one of the Christmas cakes and some homemade chocolates. Unfortunately, she is really poorly now and in bed, and seems to have caught this dreaded bug and the doctor is due to call later today, so not such a nice end to Christmas.

I did do some crafting in the run up to Christmas and did all of Sue's challenges - I did show them all on the forum, but have added a couple of things here. The photo card was one where you had to incorporate a photo into a christmas project...and the jar was supposed to be a gift bag - well I really didn't need a gift bag so I cheated with another jar.

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2009 will be a great year for you. We have started the challenges again on the forum - so if you have had some new craft stash - break open the packaging and get using it! I have some prizes to send out as well so will have to sort those out for everyone.


Sarah said…
Love the jars Carolyn! I was planning on making some coconut ice for my mum as she loves it too but never got round to it, must try and remember to do it for her birthday. I hope your mum is feeling a bit better now xx
sharon said…
sorry to hear about your mum...this flu has hit too many this xmas....lovin your little jars.x