CBC forum

Well it is busy over on the cbc forum, Sue has been setting us a daily challenge - I have to admit to be lagging behind - although I have planned a few just not done them...this is one I did do which was a recipe - I used my new stamp - and made it into a robin...although once I finished the card I realised it didn't fit into all of the criteria.....

I have managed a couple of others - the one below, sadly the photo is not the best quality - it had to have red, green and gold on this one - and I managed that!

I have also been setting a daily teaser challenge - which is proving good fun.

I guess you are all preparing for Christmas...or maybe preparing in your head like me....!

For anyone from Ampthill visiting Paul has set a great picture quiz on the Around Ampthill Forum - even I don't know the answers, he went out Sunday morning and took the pics - I went to the Christmas Tree Festival at the Church, I have added some pics to the gallery on the site.