Cup Cake Tins

I finally found some more 'upright' small cake tins so that they are more like cupcakes. I found them in Matalans made by Pyrex...they are tins though not Pyrex...a 6 hole one was £3. I only bought one as I wasn't sure if it would work. But was most impressed by the results, so I need to pop back and get another. I hope you can see the difference with these two cranberry cupcakes - which do you prefer?

I have some recipes to put up so will do one later.....

This week were are moving offices on Friday so I have been designated a co-ordinator and so am working 4 days this week...although that means only 2 next week! Tomorrow I am off to Hanslope Craft group to make cards for the group - first time I have done this in ages so I hope they like it. I am just off to get all of my things together now.

I have now added a search to the craft site and I hope that people will be able to find their way around easier with that and the new menus.


tiggertastic said…
WOW they do look beter, yum yum

Sarah x
MrsB said…
I find this so intersting as I was looking at a cake stall this morning and was wondering how they got theirs so upright, i'll have to look out for a new tin! Where did you get the caupcake papers from?!