Just like buses eh?

Ok so I don't make a post for ages and now I have added two. I have been busy as Sue launched a weekend challenge last weekend...although we have had all week to finish...so today I finished my Matchbook Album. Sue has given step by step instructions on how to make it on the forum, and I had never made something like this. It took me ages to decide on some photos - but anyway here is the end result, I hope you like it. Sadly, I am not as skilled on this 'scrapbooking' stuff, but these little albums are more my style.

I have also made some cards for some of the challenges - but I think we have enough pics on this posts before you all drift off!

On a completely different subject - as some of you know I have started constructing a family tree. Following the census records is easy these days as it is all on the net. Well yet another coincidence has occurred we are staying on a farm for our summer holidays that used to be owned by a relative - a little distant I must admit - but still a relative. I couldn't believe the coincidence! The family name in this instance is 'Heard', working along my grandmother's tree, through all of the ladies...so a name change each generations...Dayman, Hobbs, then Heard.

On the card making front - I am enjoying the videos on the Hero Arts blog - have you seen them?


tiggertastic said…
WOW i love your work, every piece is fantastic.

sarah x
Max said…
What a fabby result ... and from someone who doesn't 'do scrapbooking' huh? Methinks you just didn't realise you did LOL!
Diane said…
replying to your post on the boards regarding Stamping Bella. I love Bella! I haev ordered from Emily (owner) many times,she's a wonderful lady. :)
Just check out her blog on the stamping bella site.
Em said…
You did a fab job of this Carolyn - it looks great! :)