So to catch up on the last week or so.

Thursday we went to Woburn Safari Park - the weather could have been much better but we had a nice time - it is so easy as it only take 10 mins to get there. We saw the baby giraffe that was born in March, and we also saw 25 pregnant Wallabies - with their little Joeys keep popping out!

Friday we had a mooch about and I promised Owen a KFC - when we got there - there was no power at the interchange retail park - so we had to come home and have a sandwich! We did pop over to my friends to collect my unsold items from the market, Owen had a nice time playing with Dora their dog...although she seemed very tired!

Owen is back to school now...and I am back to work!

Lynda - Grumpy Old Food won the challenge on Cooks Journal and she has now set a new challenge - I still have not posted her prize - sorry :(

There have been some great challenges on the cbc forum and also a competition to win 3 lots of Tanda Stamps - it is open to everyone - just join the forum and add your pic to the thread.

On the cake making front I did follow a new lemon cake recipe last week that turn out great - a square cake that I cut into 4 pieces to sell - sadly no pic - so will do one next time and put the recipe up.

I am still on a quest to find a bread pudding recipe (not bread and butter pudding)

I (and Owen a bit) have been clearing out his bedroom and getting loads of his old stuff sold. We took 8 boxes to the Maulden Nearly New sale yesterday and came back with 3 and a half! so he must have some money to come. I did wonder if I had priced thinsg too low - but it was nice to see them go to a new home rather than in the rubbish bin.

I am just about to update with some new pages, we have had some extra visitors this week, someone posted on the - Martin Lewis site - thank you - whoever you are.


Cazzy said…
I love the photos Carolyn, especially the kangaroo.